DataCo Field Services

The On-The-Ground Intelligence You Need

It’s where sales and marketing theories play out in practice. Where you can find out what’s really going on at the coalface of consumer choice – in stores, on shelves, in service, on price tags. Available to deliver the on-the-ground intelligence you need to inform your sales strategies and monitor those of your competitors.
It’s the difference between thinking you know your customers, your outlets, your presentation, and being sure that you do. Because in winning and losing, detail makes the difference.

DataCo Field Services

In-Store Audits

Knowing what’s on the shelves is crucial to knowing why some products are flying off them – and why others are not. Prices, promotions, branding, planning, levels of stock. Our in-store audits can give you all the information you need to make the decisions that will keep your consumer goods fast-moving. From mainstream to specialist. We use our proprietary database for tailored research and our experienced industry analysts to turn the results into contextualized insights and recommendations you can action right away.

Our In-Store Audits Can Help You:

  • Keep track of what’s on the shelf in product ranges
  • Monitor price points and pricing trends – for your own goods or those of your competitors
  • Understand whether pricing is consistent and accurate – and the variations that exist between regions
  • See how your shelf space compares to that of your competitors
  • Pinpoint where products are on sale or out of stock
  • Maintain consistent branding across all your POP materials
  • Strengthen your space planning, range and category pricing strategies
  • Improve promotions tracking

Mystery Shopping

We can monitor anonymously either your locations or those of your competitors, to give you real-time intelligence on products, pricing, promotion, service and staff. We use consistent methodologies across categories and markets to deliver reliable, comparable metrics in the key areas that influence sales results.

What Can It Tell Me?

Fresh insight into every element of the customer experience – from environment and service to staff knowledge and attitude.
A clear understanding of how your competitors price, market and cross-sell, the collateral they use and the products they are launching.
The tools to develop counteractive sales strategies and maximize customer potential and satisfaction.
A deeper awareness of geographic and seasonal trends and how you can use these to improve customer service strategies and sales performance.

Product Retrieval

DataCo’s product retrieval service can give you a window onto your competitors’ strategies, and onto a whole world of inspiration beyond. That gives you competitor products from around the world to dissect, test and probe, helps you monitor category developments in distant markets and scope out existing offerings in new territories you have earmarked for growth. It keeps you at the cutting edge of packaging technology, product claims and ingredients. It keeps you out in front.

Our Product Retrieval Service Can Help You:

  • Carry out focus group testing
  • Hold in-house taste testing sessions
  • Carry out sensory evaluation
  • Perform ingredient and technical packaging analysis
  • Verify claims and positioning statements
  • Enrich your new product research process

Quality Assurance

Quality and consistency are the values on which you have built your business success. Maintaining those standards is essential to keeping you out in front. Covertly or openly, we can monitor: How your products are sold or served; How their quality measures against the benchmarks you set; The standard of the equipment used to serve them. We train all our field evaluators to understand your products and the levels of quality you require, to ensure they deliver relevant results, drawn from clearly specified metrics. It’s your assurance of our quality.

What Can It Tell Me?

  • Manage the customer experience of your product
  • Maintain high standards of customer service
  • Enhance delivery technology
  • Identify malpractice and implement remedy
  • Develop Quality Assurance processes
  • Monitor storage procedures and processes

Let’s Get Started

From mainstream to specialist, our Field team can be the eyes and ears in the distribution channels that matter to you.
At DataCo, we can deliver the on-the-ground intelligence you need to inform your quality, sales, marketing and product development strategies.
Because in winning and losing, detail makes the difference. Get in touch today to find out how our point-of-purchase measurement
and in-store analysis can make the difference between thinking you know and being sure that you do.

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